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12 Days of Christmas - Day 12

And now we've reached the last day of Christmas, a day traditionally celebrated with a King's cake. Instead, I had lunch with a good friend at an Indian restaurant where we topped off the meal with carrot halwa - certainly a meal and dessert fit for a king lol!

So in honor of the twelfth day, I made this short clip of Kala Ramnath's composition "Long Drive Home." When I notated it, I put it in 12/8, which is one of the many reasons it's the perfect piece to share right now. To me, it's a song filled with warmth, comfort, peace and love - in short everything we associate with home and with the holidays. We'll be playing this one in Dubai in a little over a week and I'm sure we will have this feeling when we board the return the meantime, thank you for being with me throughout the holidays this year and I hope we will meet up in the months to come. Peace!


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