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1959: The Year That Changed Jazz

If you haven't made it down to SFJAZZ to experience any of the Discover Jazz presentations, now is the time go! Terrence Brewer always manifests an intriguing and informative concert interspersed with historical details that illuminate just how interwoven jazz history and our nation's history really is—making you love this music that much more.

Looking at the albums released that year tells us that 1959 ushered in a transformational development in jazz history: Mile Davis's Kinda Blue, John Coltrane's Giant Steps, Ornate Coleman's The Shape of Jazz to Come, Horace Silver's Blowin' the Blues Away, Bill Evans's Everybody Digs Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck's Time Out—legendary albums for a legendary year.

This will be the subject of Terrence Brewer's Discover Jazz concert/presentation this month, and in particular, on November 16th, the legendary saxophonist Joe Lovano will be making a special guest appearance, giving us all a lesson in what this music means for jazz.

Hoping you can be there! It will be a tremendous honor to play alongside a jazz giant such as Joe Lovano, as well as the other amazingly talented artists scheduled for both November 16th and November 30th: Terrence Brewer (of course!), Thu Ho, Rob Dehlinger, Gary Brown, Greg Wyser-Pratte and Sylvia Cuenca.

The music carries on and carries us with it!


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