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Roy Hargrove's Solo - Shade of Jade

In 1994, Roy Hargrove released an album with a unique and powerful concept. Entitled With the Tenors of Our Time, it featured no less than six tenor players, all of whom left indelible marks on the history of jazz: Ron Blake, Johnny Griffin, Stanley Turrentine, Joshua Redman, the inimitable Branford Marsalis, and the iconic Joe Henderson. Along with pianist Cyrus Chestnut, bassist Rodney Whitaker, and drummer Gregory Hutchinson, Hargrove gathered together twelve deeply swinging jazz tunes that form the foundation of masterful performances from all of the instrumentalists.

As a fan (or more accurately, devotee) of Joe Henderson's, I loved hearing Shade of Jade on the album, especially as performed by Henderson himself (!!), but I was immediately drawn to Roy's solo for its virtuosic tempo and fearless expression—two musical elements I always need to work on.

Wishing you the same inspiration as you watch the video and I hope you listen to the entire album, which you can find here.

The music carries on and carries us with it!


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