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Two new YouTube video series on my channel

In case you missed my first piano solo transcription post, you'll now be able to find a few new ones posted right here on my "transcriptions & scores" page, or if you have happen to be on YouTube you'll see them up on my channel.

The latest one is Wynton Kelly's solo on Freddie Freeloader:

And brand new to my YouTube channel is the first edition of "Composing in Action," where I'll post short videos of compositions as I create and write them This first one features a bit of iPad technology called StaffPad:

...I thought of the title for the series after posting the video so not to worry - it will all get straightened out in the end (lol!).

If you would like to be notified when I post new videos, subscribing to my YouTube channel is the best way to do that. Just log in to YouTube, make your way over to my channel and click the subscribe button and the bell.

More to come this fall! Enjoy!


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