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This fall brings a break from performance but expect to hear new works for big band, jazz orchestra and two pianos (the new classical project with composer Davide Verotta). Details about the new recording will be posted soon.

In the meantime, listen to the newest composition for big band "Our Lady" - as performed live by the Electric Squeezebox Orchestra, with special guests John Santos (for whom the piece was written) and David Flores:

...and in 2016:

Davide Verotta and Anne Sajdera - Concert for Two Pianos

presenting new works for two pianos

March 20, 2016

Piedmont Piano Company

Oakland, CA


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Anne Sajdera

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Anne Sajdera

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"Sajdera has a natural musical ability, an incisive touch, and is a deft improviser." - Amy Duncan, Jazz History Online

Sajdera is a gifted composer…a great plesaure to hear." -

Number 5 for Best New Talent 2012 - Jazz Station Blog


From the 2012 release 'Azul'


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From the 2012 release 'Azul'


From the 2012 release 'Azul'