Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The Global Fusion concert that I had been preparing for over the past several months finally took place this past weekend and it's hard to find the exact words to describe how grateful I am to Kala Ramnath for inviting me to play her masterful compositions, along with nine other talented women musicians and an outstanding dancer - ten of us total! We came from all over the globe and met for this extraordinary weekend under the production management of Vinod Raghavan at Tambourine Live to present a concert of Kala's music with the theme "harmony in diversity." We were the first all-female ensemble featured for this annual event held in Dubai and it was truly inspiring to receive the enthusiastic feedback from the audience and staff, who were genuinely excited about our performance. More than once I heard the comment that it was electrifying to see so many strong and talented women on stage together. I am so glad and so proud to have been a part of it! Music is powerful!

And now we've reached the last day of Christmas, a day traditionally celebrated with a King's cake. Instead, I had lunch with a good friend at an Indian restaurant where we topped off the meal with carrot halwa - certainly a meal and dessert fit for a king lol!

So in honor of the twelfth day, I made this short clip of Kala Ramnath's composition "Long Drive Home." When I notated it, I put it in 12/8, which is one of the many reasons it's the perfect piece to share right now. To me, it's a song filled with warmth, comfort, peace and love - in short everything we associate with home and with the holidays. We'll be playing this one in Dubai in a little over a week and I'm sure we will have this feeling when we board the return flight...in the meantime, thank you for being with me throughout the holidays this year and I hope we will meet up in the months to come. Peace!

The holidays are all about "out with the old and in with the new" and for this year, among the many new projects cropping up, there is this one: Bijuri Productions - a booking agency I created as an off-shoot of my little record label, Bijuri Records.

Of course, I have a dream to grow this label into an established company that regularly releases high quality music. As you all know, the recording industry is in a precarious place now and funding these enterprises is always an issue, even in good times. Just the same, in a spirit of hope and inspiration that only the new year can bring, I invite you to come visit the Bijuri Records website, and Bijuri Productions in particular, from which I'm hoping to connect these artists to excellent performing opportunities. There is no lack of talent at this place!